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The open source T4 viewer (PDview)
T4 viewer - shadow set - read IO

The open source T4 viewer (PDview)

This opensource T4 viewer was developed for a Windows 10 platform to view T4 data across all nodes in a cluster over several days. It handles a large number of input files containing different T4 data sets, so can display data from a range of source files, such as all storage IO related metrics. This is a huge improvement on the old TLviz data visualiser.

The main need was to look at data from shadow sets that physically span two sites for disaster tolerance. The key feature was to handle changing shadow set memberships as members were droppped and reintroduced for data copy and backup purposes.

The Windows executable with PDF documentation is available here as a zip file: T4 Viewer V1.6-1 (25-May-2021)

Paul Dolan, March 2021.

A number of other people have contributed to this, including Jamie Edgar of Savant and Colin Butcher.

Colin Butcher gave a session about the new T4 viewer for the Connect Deutschland user group on-line conference 2021.