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The complete Digital Technical Journals
DTJ CD artwork

The complete Digital Technical Journals

This ISO was originally created for the 2006 HP OpenVMS Advanced Technical Symposium in Nashua.

The content is available here (individual journals as PDF files).

The ISO image is available here (approx 2.5GB).

The artwork image is available here (JPEG file) and in the /artwork folder in the ISO image.

As of April 2016 the originals have been re-scanned and made searchable, using the OCR capabilities of Acrobat DC Pro.

This is a machine-readable collection of all 42 Digital Technical Journals, scanned from the paper originals.

This document archive project would not have been possible without the assistance of many people, especially Amanda Skonetski, Sue Skonetski, Nic Clews, Paul Dolan, Dave Foddy, Ian Miller, Tim Pass and all those kind enough to donate copies.

One of the things I've also discovered and enjoyed while doing this is the carefully thought-out artwork on the covers, both back and front.

I picked the cover from Volume 8 Number 3 as the artwork for the CD itself - it shows people skydiving holding hands in a ring above the world below.

Colin Butcher, April 2016.